Easiest Instruction Preparing Luscious Ray's' Jello Cake

Ray's' Jello Cake.

Ray's' Jello Cake Hey Mother. Ray's' Jello Cake that you can try to practice the ingredients at home and how to do it. It is possible Making Ray's' Jello Cake use 9 Ingredients and 4 the steps. So I make a decision with recipe.

Ingredients Ray's' Jello Cake

  1. You need something Graham crackers.
  2. prepare something strawberry jello.
  3. prepare something large) banana instant pudding.
  4. prepare something strawberry extract.
  5. need something whip cream for decoration.
  6. need something crushed drained pineapple.
  7. prepare something chocolate sprinkles.
  8. You need something bag marshmallows.
  9. prepare something large tub of coolwhip.

Ray's' Jello Cake Processes Making

  1. A 9×13 dish is used for this recipe. Start by making your jello as directed let set in fridge at least 2 hrs. You don't want it set just firmed up a bit to pour over crackers..
  2. Make pudding as directed set in fridge to thicken at least 10minutes. Now add in coolwhip, extract & marshmallows & drained pineapple. Mix well set in fridge.save about 1-2 Cups of cool whip for top.
  3. Now layer your crackers to bottom dish evenly. Top with jello that's runny but firm. Set in fridge to set at least 3-4hrs..
  4. Once your jello is set top your cake with pudding mixture.then top with last of coolwhip, Decorate with whipping as you like I crushed additional crackers for top..

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