Recipe: Savory Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins.

Banana Muffins Hi Mommy. Banana Muffins is currently being searched by users around us. You can Making Banana Muffins use 13 Ingredients and 5 the steps. So I make a decision with this recipe.

Ingredients Banana Muffins

  1. need something oil.
  2. prepare something sugar.
  3. You need something Eggs.
  4. prepare something vanilla.
  5. need something bananas.
  6. You need something Cream this together.
  7. need something flour.
  8. You need something baking powder.
  9. need something baking soda.
  10. prepare something cream.
  11. prepare something salt.
  12. need something pecans.
  13. prepare something chocolate chips.

Banana Muffins Processes Cooking

  1. Put the first 5 ingredients in a bowl..
  2. Cream it all together..
  3. Put the next 5 ingredients in mix it well..
  4. Now add the last 2 ingredients..
  5. Put in Muffin liners..

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