Great Ways To Creation Comfortable Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake

Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake.

Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake Hi Mummy. Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake will to a favorite meal of many people, from domestic to overseas. It is possible Preparing Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake use 30 Ingredients and 9 the steps. So I make a decision with this recipe.

Ingredients Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake

  1. prepare something Microwave Sponge Cake.
  2. need something Vanilla Extract.
  3. need something Baking Powder.
  4. You need something All Purpose Flour.
  5. You need something Whole Milk.
  6. You need something Melted Butter.
  7. You need something Regular Sugar.
  8. prepare something Fresh Egg.
  9. You need something Kitchen Equipment.
  10. need something Ramakins [3" deep – 3" width].
  11. need something Butter Spray Or Olive Oil Spray.
  12. You need something Cling Wrap.
  13. You need something Toothpicks.
  14. You need something Mixing Bowl.
  15. prepare something Whisk.
  16. need something Options.
  17. prepare something Strawberries.
  18. need something Cooked Apples With Brown Sugar & Cinnamon.
  19. prepare something Raspberries.
  20. need something Blueberries.
  21. need something Pineapple.
  22. You need something Bananas.
  23. need something Oranges.
  24. You need something Mango.
  25. prepare something Kiwi.
  26. need something Honey.
  27. You need something Ice Cream.
  28. need something Cool Whip.
  29. need something Chilled Canned Fruit.
  30. prepare something High End Quality Jams.

Mike's 60 Second Sponge Cake Instructions Preparing

  1. ° Mix everything in the Microwave Sponge Cake section with whisk. ° Leave no lumps..
  2. Spray your ramakins with an olive oil or butter spray..
  3. ° Fill ramakins 1/2 way to their tops. ° Cover ramakins tightly with cling wrap. ° Poke 4 holes in the cling wrap with a toothpick..
  4. ° One ramakin at a time – microwave each cake for 55 to 60 seconds. ° Check at 50 seconds on your first try. ° 55 seconds consistently does the trick for me in a newer 1100 watt microwave..
  5. ° While sponge cake is still warm, using the blade of a butter knife – gently pull cake from your ramakins sides. ° Turn ramakins over and gently release your cakes on to a plate and allow them to cool covered with cling wrap. These cakes will dry out quickly if not covered..
  6. Break these cakes up in pieces or dish your cakes up any way YOU desire. Get creative!.
  7. ° You can use a self rising flour but know it will create a smoother cake finish [see last photo below] than the AP flour would. It's the AP flour that gives this cake it's spongy look. However, the absorbency and sweet taste are ultimately identical with self rising. ° If choosing to use a larger ramakin as pictured below, you'll need to microwave for about 90 seconds + until cake is done..
  8. ° If you're interested in the Strawberry Shortcake and sauce pictured above: It's 10 large crushed strawberries, water [as needed], Sugar In The Raw or sugar [to taste] and 1/4 tsp lemon zest. ° There's also a large dollop of high end – quality Strawberry Jam at the base of each glass. ° Mix 1 tablespoon corn starch + 1 teaspoon water very well and add it to your simmering strawberries to thicken your sauce – if desired. ° Drizzle sauce over sponge cake. ° Add sliced fresh strawberries and Cool Whip to taste..
  9. Enjoy! ..

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