Recipe: Tasteful Banana Loaf

Banana Loaf.

Banana Loaf Hello Momma. Banana Loaf is a popular meal. You will be able Preparing Banana Loaf use 9 Ingredients and 12 the steps. So I make a decision cook this recipe.

Ingredients Banana Loaf

  1. You need something – INGREDIENTS for 2 – 13 x 8 x 5.5cm Cake -.
  2. need something Butter.
  3. prepare something Sugar.
  4. need something Egg.
  5. You need something Honey.
  6. prepare something Flour.
  7. prepare something Baking Soda.
  8. You need something Bananas (Ripe).
  9. You need something Walnuts (Roasted).

Banana Loaf Directions Cooking

  1. Operation Time / 20 min Oven Temperature / 350F Baking Time / 35 min.
  2. Prepare two paper rectangle molds on a cookie sheet. Set aside until use..
  3. Roast the walnuts until lightly browned. Let cool completely. Set aside until use..
  4. Sift the flour and baking soda into a medium bowl and combine. Set aside until use..
  5. Using your hand, mash the bananas roughly. Set aside until use..
  6. Beat the eggs and set aside until use..
  7. Using a hand mixer, cream the butter and sugar. Add the beaten eggs gradually and mix well..
  8. Add the honey and mix well..
  9. Add the flour mixture to the wet mixture and use a rubber spatula to mix until half mixed..
  10. Add the mashed bananas and roasted walnuts to the mixture and mix until smooth..
  11. Pour the batter into the molds. Bake for 35 min, rotating the mold halfway through. Let cool..
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