Recipe: Tempting Picky kid Banana bread

Picky kid Banana bread. This morning, I was really craving banana bread for some reason. It was really random – I don't usually crave baked goods in the morning but I suppose today was just one of I have to say, it turned out to be AMAZING. It totally tasted just like banana bread!

Picky kid Banana bread I made these today for my kids and they were fantastic. I hadn't planned on partaking but once I tasted theirs, I grabbed myself a glass too. I think fruit/veggie breads are a great strategy for getting nutrients into picky eaters and they are also fantastic for babies and toddlers eating their first finger foods. Hi Mother. Picky kid Banana bread this delicious thing makes dinner special. You can Culinary Picky kid Banana bread use 12 Ingredients and 4 the steps. So I make a decision with recipe.

Ingredients Picky kid Banana bread

  1. You need something over ripened bananas.
  2. prepare something sugar.
  3. need something egg white.
  4. prepare something oil.
  5. prepare something flour.
  6. prepare something baking powder.
  7. need something baking soda.
  8. You need something salt.
  9. need something cinnamon.
  10. You need something nutmeg.
  11. prepare something vanilla.
  12. need something Optional- chocolate chips.

However, far too many times I think they are basically glorified cakes. Not this recipe, it his healthful, fiber full, and immune boosting! These banana bread muffins taste exactly like the classic loaf, just in a small size! It's great not having to have a knife and cutting through the loaf each time.

Picky kid Banana bread Processes Cooking

  1. Mash two bananas (really should wait till they are brownish peels for better taste).
  2. Then start adding rest of ingredients as stated above.
  3. You can go with chocolate chip banana muffins or regular or add nuts to your liking.
  4. I bake my muffins and cupcakes in silicon muffin trays they tend to come out moist and better then the traditional metal pans for moms that are on a budget i picked up my silicon muffin trays at family dollar for 2.50 a piece and love them.

Banana bread muffins make an awesome on the go snack or an add-on to your morning breakfast. This quick bread is soft, moist, and sweet—and yet firm enough for little fingers to hold without it falling apart. But the thing I Would coconut oil work to replace the nut butter? My kid's aren't allowed to take nut snacks to school because of allergies so looking for a healthy substitute. Dad and Ollie bake banana bread from the Gold Medal Alpha Bakery Children's Cookbook!

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