Recipe: Palatable Haps Banana Bread

Haps Banana Bread.

Haps Banana Bread Hello Mommy. Haps Banana Bread but can be done by beginners. You will be able Culinary Haps Banana Bread use 10 Ingredients and 9 the steps. So I make a decision cook this recipe.

Ingredients Haps Banana Bread

  1. prepare something bread loaf pan, greased.
  2. You need something sugar.
  3. need something butter.
  4. need something very ripe bananas, mashed with fork.
  5. You need something eggs, beaten.
  6. You need something vanilla.
  7. You need something flour.
  8. need something baking soda.
  9. prepare something salt.
  10. You need something 9×13 cake pan filled halfway with hot water.

Haps Banana Bread Instructions Making

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Cream butter & sugar.
  3. Mix flour, soda and salt, set aside.
  4. Add beaten eggs, mashed bananas & vanilla to butter & sugar, mix with a whisk.
  5. Add flour mixture to the bananas mixture, using a wooden spoon mix together just until mixed, do not mix too long.
  6. Using a scraper pour batter into the bread pan, then set bread pan into the 9×13 pan of water(cooking the bread in a water bath keeps the butter from browning too dark.).
  7. Bake for 1 hour to 1.5 hours. When a knife comes out clean it's done.
  8. Remove from pan immediately. Cool on a wire rack.
  9. Can be doubled easily.

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