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Banana Stalk soup. I enjoyed this soup straight away with an extra pinch of flaky sea salt and a few grinds of black pepper. banana stalk soup in Phuket thailand. w. Yummy fish with banana stalk sour soup recipe – banana stalk sour soup recipe Banana flowers have long been used in Indian and Thai cooking.

Banana Stalk soup The entire banana plant is edible, and that's true of the stalk as well. The peeled stalk is chopped or sliced, soaked in water or buttermilk and cooked in stir-fries, soups or. Photo "Banana stalk pith, The core of a banana trees sliced on a black background. Hey Mummy. Banana Stalk soup is currently being searched by users around us. You will be able Making Banana Stalk soup use 6 Ingredients and 3 the steps. So I make a decision with this recipe.

Ingredients Banana Stalk soup

  1. You need 1/2 something K banana stalk (innermost part of the stalk).
  2. need 1/2 something K chicken (cut into average size).
  3. prepare something Onions and Garlic.
  4. You need leaves something Chili.
  5. You need 3 pieces something Chili.
  6. prepare something seasonings.

Ingredients used in cooking Thai food such as hot and sour soup famous menu in South of Thailand. Most relevant Best selling Latest uploads. Examples include sour banana stalk soup with pork ribs, soft coconut shell and prawn soup and "Ray Rai" – steamed dough topped with coconut milk and sugar. These are all incredibly delicious dishes.

Banana Stalk soup Instructions Creation

  1. Saute onion and garlic together with chicken..
  2. Add 5 glasses of water. Wait until boil then add the banana stalk cut into small dice. Wait until boil again..
  3. Add chili leaves,3 long chili and some seasonings..

This soup reminds me of when I was young, staying home from school. It ranks right up there with your Mama's chicken soup. It will cure anything, even baldness. The stalk is the stem of the banana plant. The banana stalk produces one huge flower cluster and then dies.

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